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The Principal - October 16, 2006

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Suppose a principal of a school is only allowed to serve exactly two years and then must move to another school. What is the maximum number of principals that a school could have over a 20-year period?

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Correct answers have been submitted by:

  1. William Sun. International School of Beijing, Beijing, China
  2. Mridul Singh. Kendriya Vidyalaya, Shillong, India
  3. Haley Neuhoff. Ursuline Academy, Winterthur, DE USA
  4. Alicia Len-sotelo Y Vidosa. Colegio MaristaColn, Huelva, Spain
  5. Phillip Ai. Hammarskjold Middle School, East Brunswick, NJ USA
  6. Muriel Johnson. N/A, Decatur, GA USA
  7. Kindra Powers. New Athens High, New Athens, IL USA
  8. Logan Simmons. Enon Elementary School, Enon, LA USA
  9. Michelle Wang. Carwise Middle School, Oldsmar, FL USA
  10. Omar Magdy Essafty. Secondary School, Alexandria, Egypt
  11. Samuel Tan. International School Of Beijing, Beijign, China
  12. Jennifer Giles. Emerald Heights, Silverdale, WA USA
  13. Michael Long. Hoover, Fresno, CA USA
  14. Casian Ionescu. Montreal, Canada
  15. Kunal Singh. Kendriya Vidyalaya, Shillong, India
  16. Willie & Kevin Dong. Mission Hill Middle School, Santa Cruz, CA USA
  17. Sai K. School, Hyderabad, India
  18. Sahit Bollineni. Power Middle School, Farmington Hills, MI USA
  19. Rohit Bollineni. Power Middle School, Farmington Hills, MI USA
  20. Tyler Winkles. Plainview Elementary, Ava, MO USA
  21. Sara Hardin. Raymond Elementary School, Raymond, MS USA
  22. Kenneth Yang. Creek View Elementary School, Alpharetta, GA USA
  23. Jack Key. Brookstone School, Columbus, GA USA
  24. Twoohsix Mathwizards. Elbert Palmer Elementary School, Wilmington, DE USA
  25. Charles Peng. Hong Kong International School, Hong Kong, Hong Kong
  26. Alexander Robbins. Mason Middle School, Waterford, MI USA
  27. Meredith Flury. Beacon Elementary School, Hilliard, OH USA
  28. Glen Moody-elias. Riverview Public School, Dryden, Canada
  29. Catherine Patton. Junaluska ElementarySchool, Waynesville, NC USA
  30. Bob Lin. Five Forks Middle School, Lawrenceville, GA USA